Blanket Bay Outdoor

Our Responsibility towards the Global Society

Blanket Bay Outdoor BV has adopted BSCIĀ 

as an essential part of its corporate culture.

Being part of the new global economy

Being part of the new global economy, we ensure that our business is conducted in a socially responsible manner. We engage only with partners who believe and support our commitment. We strongly believe that our commitment will improve working environment and workers’ morale, resulting in higher productivity and quality production. We promote fairness and encourage workers to take pride in their work.

The standard provides specific rules for the full range of labor rights issues – child labor, forced labor, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, and basic needs wages – and is based on the widely accepted International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Blanket Bay Outdoor and BSCI

After reviewing various global standards, we believe that BSCI reflects our strong social commitment. As such, we became the first Dutch supply chain management company to become its Signatory Member. Together with BSCI, we promote better working conditions among our suppliers. Currently, we are creating awareness and basic understanding of the standard among our existing suppliers