Blanket Bay Outdoor BV and Extended Traders BV are manufacturers of Functional-, Outdoor- and Fashion Garments. We offer an exclusive and comprehensive service that simplifies your apparel business. We are a pure service organization with their private owned factories and not a mere sourcing agent. We are your partner, while managing the global supply chain for you.

From design styling, manufacturing to export documentation (delivery), we do everything for you. We are well known for our competitive and professional service.

Hereby, we would like to invite you to be part of our business chain that elevates you to a whole new level. Together let's move our apparel business towards successful returns.

Gerry Davidsz & Edwin van der Donk
Founders of Blanket Bay Outdoor BV 

Our Profile

Blanket Bay Outdoor BV is a service-oriented organization that provides complete and comprehensive apparel manufacturing, sourcing & supply chain management.

The beginning

Started as Extended Traders (the sister company from Blanket Bay Outdoor) in the year 1994 with its founder Edwin van der Donk. We began our journey building client base in Europe, and manufacturing network in Eastern Europe and Asia. Over the years, we set up private owned factories and subsidiaries to handle different aspects of the apparel industry.

Our Colleagues & Knowledge

Our management team exists out of professionals who have been in the industry for more than 20 years. With their big and varied experience, we are able to identify the needs of our business partners and accommodate them expertly. 

In addition, with more than 150 employees, which include teams of merchandisers, quality controllers, and our own factory workers, we provide dedicated and personalized services. We continue to employ experienced and fresh potentials to complement and enhance our services.

Our Partners

Our extensive knowledge in world commerce ensures our business partners' expectations are met and even exceeded. Our long-term partnerships with prestigious clients from A Brands and the best European retailers bear witness to this. Most of our clients have chosen and worked with us for many years.

Business Ethics

We have undertaken a pro-active approach by becoming BSCI  (Business Social Compliance Initiative) member to promote code of conduct compliance. We are the first Dutch company to give its fullest commitment to implement the standard, endorsing labor rights and working conditions in Eastern European Countries. We are moving towards the direction to ensure that all products we commission are manufactured under lawful, humane and ethical conditions.

As a Corporate Member of BSCI, we share the mission to improve working conditions in our supply chain.

A Promise to success

With our strong staff pool, powerful global network and solid client base, combined with our industrious and competitive regional offices, Blanket Bay Outdoor BV associates is innovative, responsive and growth-oriented.